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Diamond Etched, or Kiki as we so lovingly call her, came to us under some interesting circumstances. We got her sight unseen from a friend. We got a call in the middle of the night asking if we had the room and the means to come rescue a mare, who if not pulled off the track that night was going to be sent up to slaughter the next day. We, of course, agreed to get her immediately. She has turned out to be one of the best horses we've come across. She came off the track with a small bow that was about 98% healed and after a week of stall rest and a month off it was completely cool and healed. She's never had an unsound day in her life, minus the one time she thought she was a racehorse again and stepped on her front heels and was a touch sore. She is by far one of the most mild mannered horses I've ever come across. She'll pack a kid around one minute, jump over a 4' fence the next and be completely down to hack out on an hour long trail ride at the walk right after that. She's shown and won in good company and will continue to be shown throughout the year. She's winning in the Low Open Hunters over 2'6" with absolutely stunning, consistent rounds. Kiki has lovely conformation, but a bit of a funny shaped head. We just say she has room for more brains, and she doesn't at all look funny, she's just that much cuter.

Due to some good fortune and because of how much we like this mare, we've decided to retain her instead of selling her.