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The Facilities We currently work out of two locations. One in Galt, CA and one in Herald, CA.

Gemini Equestrian @ Raque Ranch in Galt, CA

At Gemini Equestrian's location at Raque Ranch you will find a fun, family oriented, friendly atmosphere centered on relaxation and enjoying your equine partner. If you're interested in boarding we offer a variety of options tailored to suit you and your horse's needs. We offer affordable boarding, whether that be pasture, paddock or in our main show barn. The quiet atmosphere paired with our real time working ranch gives your horse exposure to all sorts of activities daily and helps desensitize them to farm life that others are never exposed to. Raque Ranch has access to private trails and plenty of outdoor riding. The main trainer at Raque Ranch, Almut Raque, provides beginner - intermediate lessons to adults and children of all ages. Raque Ranch, being a ranch life setting, complete with pigs, goats, chickens, dogs, cats and many other critters running around. It's like your very own petting zoo at the barn! Raque Ranch grows and harvests it's own hay, so you know exactly where the hay your horse is eating was grown.

Our Current Amenities:

60' Round Pen (soon to be sanded)
120' X 200' all weather sanded arena
Full course of jumps
Private and Group turnout Pastures
Permanent Herd Pastures
Indoor stall barn with attached paddocks
Indoor tackroom
48' X 36' private paddocks with 12' run in 3 sided shelters
2 110' X 300' Pastures
24' hitching rail
4 6' X 10' concrete wash racks

Rates for [email protected] Raque Ranch

Full Board in main barn: $400 a month
--INCLUDES: Blanketing, Feed, Mucking 7 days a week, daily turnout, feeding supplements (you provide)

Half Board in main barn: $250 a month
--INCLUDES: You blanket, muck and turnout, we feed (including supplements you provide)

Private 24' X 36' Paddocks: $350 a month (coming soon)
--INCLUDES: Feed 2x daily, Mucking 7 days a week, feeding supplements (you provide)

Pasture Board: $200 a month
--INCLUDES: In a non-crowded community pasture, fed 2X daily

Pictures of GE @ Raque Ranch. The barn, pastures, the arena, permanent fields where the hay is grown as well as the scenic, calm environment surrounding Gemini Equestrian.
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