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We offer riding lessons to riders of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to learn how to ride a horse simply for the joys of riding, or if you want to compete and show, we can help you. We offer beginner to advance riding lessons in both English and Western disciplines and we focus on teaching students not only how to ride, but also the reasons why we ride the way we do. Students are taught from the start how to become independent, knowledgeable and safe riders. All students, after being taught how, are expected to catch, groom, tack up and prepare for lessons on their own (of course help is given when needed). We pride ourselves in having students who are knowledgeable and capable of handling their own horses, or lesson horses, without relying solely on others to do the work for them. Students learn the anatomy of the horse, the feeding schedules, and proper care of their equine friend. They learn where all the feed and supplements are kept, what each feed is called and how much is fed. We teach how to read 'drug' labels and how to give the proper dose of the needed drug (no accidental overdoses here!). Our students can care for their horses without a second glance, which is essential for the proper care of those horses. Students also learn the parts of the saddle, bridle and other equipment, about different bits and what they're used for as well as different grooming tools and how they're used.

Once our students are in the saddle they learn, first and foremost, how to balance and move with the horse. Our riders are not dependent on saddles and learn how to ride both with and without tack. Only when riding bareback can a rider truly feel the horse and how the horse moves, therefore all new riders are started off bareback. Riders will learn how to walk, trot and canter bareback. Years of training and experience has proven this to be one of the most effective ways to learn to balance. Once proper balance and experience is acquired bareback, students learn how to walk, trot, lope, canter and gallop in a saddle. Depending on their discipline of choice, they can then learn to jump, hit the trails, run barrels and other gymkhana patterns, learn advanced schooling movements or continue work on the flat. We also offer work with miniature horses for even the smallest of equine lovers. Our mini is too small to be ridable, but he is a very well schooled on the line and takes care of even the smallest children. Students working with the mini learn the same things students working with the horses and ponies do, they just learn how to work the horse in-hand over obstacles and other fun things instead of riding.

Lessons are available in both group and private settings. We like to keep our group lessons small and ask that riders first start off in private lessons to work toward to group level experience. Once riders are secure and can control their horses properly we allow them to join group lessons. We have safe, reliable lesson horses for those who are learning how to ride and don't have their own horse. We offer full and half leases as well as sales on horses and ponies. Advanced lesson students have the opportunity to ride sale and project horses to gain experience in riding different horses. We also offer off-site lessons depending on the location, and consent of the facility. Off-site lessons must be conducted on your own horse or lease horse.

Lesson prices are kept low. In this economy everyone is suffering and we do not feel the need to drain your pockets simply because you want to learn to ride and have fun. Group lessons are roughly 1hr long. Students are expected to be tacked up and ready for lesson when the lesson time starts. Please arrive prior to prepare. Private lessons run closer to 1hr 1/2 and that includes help with tacking up and untacking as well as working under saddle. Once a student knows how to prepare for lessons, Private lesson time will be 40min long

Private Lessons: $45
Group Lessons: $35
Off Site Lessons: $50


Here at Gemini Equestrian we frequently haul out to shows, clinics and other events. We do have a show team which is a group of people, all training with or at Gemini Equestrian, who haul to and participate in shows under the Gemini Equestrian name. We have riders in all levels of showing and experience ranging from the lead liners to the big jumpers. We have riders in 4-H, Local shows, SAHJA and all the way up to USEF rated shows. It doesn't matter if it's your 1st show or your 100th, we'd love to have you. Riders who wish to show must be in lessons at least one day a week in order to ensure that the rider can control their horse and is ready for the show ring. If a rider is serious about showing, it is suggested that they be in lesson 2 - 3 times a week. Serious showing is a big commitment and if you would like to be a serious competitor it will take time and dedication. We do participate in series shows for year end high point awards.

Your trainer will help you choose your division in whichever show venue you choose base on what you do or do not know. In order to show you will need the following as most show venues require them to show:

  • A Show Shirt with a Ratcatcher collar
  • Tall Boots or Paddock Boots, with ot without chaps
  • An ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet
  • Tan or Khaki riding breeches
  • A Black, Grey or Blue Hunt Coat (optional, but suggested)
  • For more informal shows, a clean, White, Black or Blue collared polo shirt

    Show fee (training at the show): $50
    Hauling: 1/2 mileage +$25
    Braiding; Tails: $35; Manes: $65
    Body Clipping: $100 for full body; $75 Blanket Clip; $50 Trace Clip

    Under Saddle Training
    Colt Starting