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We actively attend at least 10 - 20 horse shows a year as well as participate in the SHAJA circuit for year end awards. If you're interested in being a part of our show team please contact Johanna to discuss your options. There are many different options and divisions to show in depending on your level. If you would like to be a part of the team and show with the barn it is required that you be in regular, weekly lessons.

Show Fees:

Hauling: Gas be split among the riders being hauled and to be paid to the driver of the rig you're hauling with.
Training Fee: $25 per day.
Using a lesson horse: $25/day.
Should the show warrant the need for over night stalls, stall fees will be paid directly to show management. Any shavings orders and/or hay orders will be split between all riders.

2015 Show Schedule

July 9-10 Woodland Stallion Station
July 14-17 Almaden Summer – “B”
July 21-23 Almaden II – “B”
July 24 Shandoni
July 31 Royal Crest
Aug 7 Woodland Stallion Station
Aug 13-14 Starr Vaughn III – Summer Celebration
Aug 18-21 Wine Country Classic – “B”
Aug 27-28 Leone Equestrians – Championship/Tie-Breaker
Sept 4 Shandoni
Sept 10-11 Starr Vaughn IV – High Point
Sept 25 Royal Crest
Oct 6-9 Let’s Show Fall Festival – “B”
Oct 16* Woodland Stallion Station
Oct 22-23 Starr Vaughn V – Halloween
Oct 26-30 Let’s Show Halloween – “B” at Rancho Murieta

Results also at horseshowtime.com.