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About the Trainer: Johanna Merager

I have been around animals my entire life. I began pursuing training horses over 10 years ago, after having trained and schooled under a variety of trainers both in the states and over seas for over 6 years prior. I've trained primarily in English style, specializing in Hunter, Jumper and Equitation horses. My true passion, however, lies in the jumper ring and helping others succeed in that ring as well.

I've started horses from the group up. As a child I rode anything and everything I could get my hands on; Feral ponies, mustangs, the neighbor's old ranch horse, absolutely anything. I finally set my sights on jumping after schooling in Europe and getting to ride a school master over fences. That was the end of unfocused riding and the beginning of what would become my life long hobby and career.

Following that young adventure with a jumping horse, I focused myself on the Hunter/Jumper world. Everything I did from then on out, showing, training, schooling, even conditioning, had the end goal of the big jumper ring in sight. After showing throughout my junior years in the jumper ring successfully, I decided to start broadening my horizons.

Once officially turning Professional in 2010, on top of teaching, I started breaking in Thoroughbreds for various clients to start on the track. The experience gained from working with the fresh, young mind of the Thoroughbred helped teach me the finer properties of working with horses. I've worked with a large variety of breeds and many different disciplines. I pride myself in my positive approach to both horses and people.

In 2013 I stopped breaking colts and focused solely on schooling horses and training kids and adults for the show ring. My students have excelled in all three rings and many have brought on their own young horses while showing. They learn the proper seat and hand, are forgiving riders, slow to anger and are always dedicated to the well being of their horses. They learn the proper care of their horses as well as enjoying the ride. All my students learn to care for their equipment and how to feed, groom, vaccinate and doctor their horses. They learn all that I have learned over the years training in Europe, learning the German. In the show ring I am a perfectionist and have won many High points, Championships, year end awards and more. I love to watch the excitement in a rider's eyes and they work toward a goal and accomplish it, whether that be earning the trust of their weary partner, or winning that championship round they've always dreamed of. I love horses and teaching with all my heart and working with both is my dream. Hopefully I can help you and your horse create that special bond I share so deeply with my own horses.

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