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About the Training

We offer 5 different types of training and every aspect of it is adjusted to your horse's own needs. We take in problem horses, horses that just need a bit of fine tuning, horses that have little to no training at all or those who just need to be ridden. Horses are taken in for training for a minimum of 2 weeks with no maximum. Because the horse is in training they are worked for at least an hour every session. They are ridden, if broke, 4 days a week and worked on the line once a week. If they are reliable enough, once a week they get to go out on the trails for an hour of relaxing, as well as being desensitized to the scary outdoor world without them even realizing it. Then, once a week, they get a day of rest and relaxation. That day consists of a bit of ground work and the rest just having the day off to lay around the pasture and be a horse.

Ground training is a must with any horse. A horse that doesn't have any manners on the ground won't have any manners when you're on him, therefore every horse that comes into training is tested on the ground first to see what their problems really are. My theory is, if a horse can't do or doesn't know what you ask while you're standing next to him, how is he supposed to know what you want when you're on him? Its a rather simple theory, but an extremely effective one at that. Manners on the ground = manners under saddle.

Types of Training

Conditioning: Your horse will come in for training where it will get worked 5 days a week (having one day off and one day of leisure riding). Your horse will be worked through its paces daily under saddle and lounging all the while conditioning and getting in shape. Itís great for those horses that just need a tune up. Conditioning gives your horse a job, keeps his mind occupied and takes away the energy needed to continue bad habbits. A horse that works and has a job doesn't usually have time to doodle around with whimsical vices. We work horses in conditioning over poles, schooling laterals, circles, obstacles and other mind occupying activities.

Full Under Saddle Training: If you have a horse that is green or only lightly ridden, but isnít quite Ďall thereí yet and you want them reliable and confident then you can put them in under saddle training. Under Saddle training is where your green horse is built up on all the necessary components of a reliable horse including: walk, trot/jog, canter/lope, halt, back-up, turns on the hind and forehand, move laterally, give to pressure on the bit in a frame, as well as work over ground poles and introduction trail rides. When working with green horses it is critical that the first time they experience something its positive. Through repeditive, foundation building training your horse is turned from one who will try and rub you off on the fence everytime you come too close to the rail, to one who will willingly work with you to achieve what you ask.

Issues: If your horse has a problem with things such as trailering, tying, washing, fear of fly spray and other issues I can fix that. The time it takes to fix the problem depends on the specific horse and how severe the issue is. Your horse is worked with daily and training is concentrated specifically on your horse's problem. If more than one problem is presented the issue that you came to me for is worked with first and if you would like me to continue working with the horse then additional time will be needed in order to safely fix the other issue.

Specifics: If your horse is stuck on a specific thing, such as a flying lead change, backing up, picking up leads, balance, pulling on the bit or other small details of its training we can help fix that. Sometimes we as riders can only do so much for our horses and an outside eye is needed to continue in training. We have been taught by our own trainers and clinicians over the years on how to deal train certain moves to a horse in an extremely unstressfull, rewarding way that almost all horses respond to. Learning most moves only take two or three weeks to learn depending on the horse.

Hunter/Jumper Training: If you have a horse that you believe will make a good jumping horse but you donít know how to train a jumper or you donít have the time we offer jumping training for your horse. Training starts with ground poles, no matter how much the horse knows. Your horse will learn how to adjust its stride, how to properly jump as opposed to simply flinging itself over the jump and eventually how to do a course of jumps in a consistant, relaxed gait. If you have a horse that already has a foundation in jumping I can fine tune it to become a show stopper. That includes learning to take long and short while still looking pretty, starting lead changes, frame/head set, balance and roundness.

Conditioning - $575
Full Under Saddle Training - $700
Weekly Training (issues and specifics) - $200 Hunter/Jumper Training - $675
Re-training a Horse off the track - $700
**Training includes board**

Under Saddle Training